August 19th, 2019

As the summer continues to present the cycles of needed signage both small and large, the design and production team at Signcraft have had no shortage of uniquely custom projects. Signcraft was engaged to do a full refurbish for a regatta that was barely 10 days out. The boards were going on the bow of a boat, known as The Sailing Log Canoe. Mid-July, Signcraft was presented a set of worn, salt-washed wood placards with the engravings Oliver’s Gift. The name was given to one of the final canoes built by a notable shipyard naval architect, Oliver Duke. He had passed before he could complete his final canoe in 1948. That same year, Oliver’s Gift was finished by his nephew Duke Adams and with his son, Duke Adams, Jr.

We were able to determine a proper proposal given that the original paint and finish lasted well over its time. The boards undoubtedly endured harsh abrasions from the Chesapeake’s tide overtime, and the treatment required was only going to the most skilled hands in the shop. With all heads and experience on board, Oliver’s Gift would receive a refinish proposed to match its quality and longstanding stride on the water again. The process of refurbishing required preparation in sanding, stripping all the old paint and epoxy, priming, and base painting. The next phase was all in the details. A 24k gold leaf application was a main part of the name followed by the fine hand repainting of the flying Maryland flag, and hand outlining the text.

Oliver’s Gift was completed, and left in a condition that the client and Signcraft team were proud to display in time for their event. This project was only part of a major line of work and craftsmanship that Signcraft has always kept just above in quality and service offered in and around its Annapolis residency.