April 29th, 2019

Signcraft recently embarked on a graphic makeover for the U.S.Naval Academy Basketball team spaces. The men’s and women’s basketball teams have multi-room areas that we were tasked with updating graphics for, adding inspirational quotes, photo murals, led-signage, and sculptural team insignia.

Signcraft utilized a range of materials and techniques working closely with the coaches and team representatives to achieve an energetic and polished atmosphere for the players. We looked at other team spaces for inspiration and drew on the unique experience and history of the Midshipmen’s Basketball program in Annapolis. These enhancements were meant to be cutting edge and on par with other Division 1 NCAA teams who are vying for recruits.

  • Digital print wall murals
  • Acrylic letters with printed vinyl texture overlay
  • LED stainless Steel formed letters
  • Design and development to match Division 1 NCAA
  • CNC router cut dimensional aluminum
  • Interior Architecture

The film Room area is contained a combination of digital print wall murals and router cut acrylic text. The coaches provided us with a favorite quote “EXPECT TO WIN” and we flowed that into a multi-wall installation with a large photo mural of a packed Alumni Hall game, and the raised word “FAMILY” set in front of a pre game team photo that’d been duo-toned as a navy blue black and white image.

We used several dimensional effects in the team lounge area where we had two adjacent walls we with applied digital print murals containing the USNA “battle print” graphic. In front side we installed custom stand-off stainless steel letters saying NAVY BASKETBALL with an large halo-style illuminated N Star logo in the center. The lights in the large N are controllable by an Iphone app, and change patterns while music is playing. On the side wall, we included a custom cnc routed aluminum version of the classic Charging Goat logo.

All in all the project pushed our team to brainstorm on high end and yet budget conscious ways to produce a great locker room outfit for one of our favorite customers. We were happy to be a part of this project and look forward to offering some of these techniques for your next project.