August 19th, 2019

In May Signcraft was enlisted by Blue Point Hospitality of Easton, MD to crown their meticulously remodeled historic loft building the Prager Co-op at 5 Goldsborough Street with a large format engraved fascia sign. Signcraft has partnered with Paul Prager’s Blue Point Hospitality company for over a year and understand their appreciation of classic elegant style and refinement. Prior to this we created signs for Blue Point’s other establishments: the Stewart and Bonheur Ice Cream.

For the Prager Coop’s fascia sign we wanted a clean look made with highly durable materials, outdoor rated to last for decades. Painted v-carved HDU checks the box as well as being lightweight and ideal for a public thoroughfare. Our black and white 14 foot sign was constructed by joining router carved panels of HDU (High Density Urethane Foam) and laminating them to MDO (Medium Density Overlay) plywood. The paint finish was enamel paint and the sign had edge trimming with a frame made of Azek. The frame will protect the piece from sun, water, and wind. We finished the sign by hand painting the incised v-carved lettering. We packaged the sign in our Annapolis workshop and trucked it across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the installation site in Talbot County.

For a large sign high-off the ground the hydraulic lift is an excellent option to reach second story walls and work safely. We utilized a Freightliner M2 truck outfitted with an Elliott L60R hydraulic boom lift. This truck is versatile, powerful, and the right tool for the job. The M2 dominates three traffic lanes when it’s outriggers are extended the 21’ necessary for it’s crane’s stability. Our team worked efficiently and professionally to mount our sign into place without disrupting Easton’s busy mid-day shoppers and workers. The sign went up using a hook and receiver “French cleat” mount made of pressure treated 2x material. Affixed with lag screws over cedar lap siding into the historic building’s bones. After completing the job our sign looked like a landmark marquee that had been there for centuries, just like the property on which it resides.

HDU – MDO – V-carved, boom truck, Crane, CNC router, hand lettering, delivery and installation, large format outdoor Sign