January 7th, 2019

This summer we worked on a project for the Annapolis Sailing School located at Bembe Beach on the Chesapeake Bay and Back Creek. In a town famous for sailing the Annapolis Sailing School is a standout facility for boat lovers of all ages and experience levels. It’s situated on a beautiful peninsula just across the water from historic Eastport While we were there they had summer camp in full swing. Children of all ages were spending the day out in their boats or in air-conditioned classrooms learning the techniques and safety of sailing in the Chesapeake Bay. It was a truly unique setting.

The manager Mary Applegate was referred to us by another larger sign company, Apple signs, and they enlisted us to update the campus with new signage, way finding and branding using their updated logo. The facility had a unique set of needs, that our company helped to address. These included updating their awning, entry sign, wall mounted sign, piling signs, beach signs and more. We created a full package for the facility, that updated the look and feel throughout. The materials that we used, included dibond, vinyl, individual letters, pvc, aluminum, wood, and more.

Some of the work we created for them included:

Large building sign facing main entrance , which was around 9 x 10 feet – Using Signcraft’s CNC router we cut individual pvc letters, faced them with vinyl to make their logo header pop. For the multi tenant interchangeable nameplates we used Dibond panels with standoff mounts. The look was clean and sharp.

Similar technique was used for the large individually cut letters and logo attached to their clubhouse facade visible to boats passing by.

Sandblasted and painted wood beach signs that politely said “Private Beach”. To protect from extra high-tides posts were anchored into the sand 36” deep with concrete footings.

We replaced the Main Entry sign in the format of a 2-sided freestanding billboard

Bright way finding signs placed throughout the property to help the sailors navigate out of the water, as well as students find key locations such as classrooms, bathrooms and docks.

Dock signs and building signs distinguishing various locations.

New awning with updated logo/ branding

Signs for this project maintained consistent themes with unified fonts, colors, and scale. After everything was completed and installed, the facility had been transformed and had a full vibrant and colorful look. The make over contributed to a successful season for sailing instruction, and events.